How to Reduce Your Backup Storage Costs

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How to Reduce Your Backup Storage Costs

Storage might become a money hole if you don't have a backup and data recovery strategy. It goes without saying that you should employ backups to secure your business, but doing it correctly may be challenging, especially if your apps and data are scattered across many settings or service providers. You run the danger of leaving out important details and leaving them exposed. Another risk posed by storage that is fragmented is that timely backup access is not always guaranteed, putting the business at risk in an emergency.

Backups should be thoroughly examined in the same manner that the value of the data being stored should be evaluated. For various data types, different backup procedures should be utilized depending on the rate of change and the need for recovery. Establish data lifecycles to efficiently delete data that your business no longer needs while preserving storage space.

Cloud Backup Cost Breakdown

Initially adopting companies frequently underestimate the expenses of cloud backups. Costs for conventional on-premises backups were clear-cut. An organization could incur expenses for backup media and software licenses, for example. These expenses were set and generally predictable. The cost of cloud backup is different since it may vary substantially and tends to go up over time.

When using cloud backups, enterprises should take into account two general costs:

  • Data storage costs - The backup media used to produce on-premises backups is frequently owned by the business however, cloud backup media are never owned by the organization. The media are instead leased by the supplier on a monthly basis. Each gigabyte of storage that an organization uses in the cloud will likely incur a monthly price from the cloud provider.
  • Transfer costs - Customers of cloud service providers are frequently charged for data uploads and downloads. In addition, there are continuous storage expenses. Additionally, some Internet service providers bill their customers in accordance with the amount of data they transfer each month. Due to the significant data transfers that cloud backup requires over the Internet, this can be expensive.

Use the cloud as a secondary backup tier

The use of the cloud provider as a supplementary backup layer is among the most crucial things to accomplish. Cloud storage providers frequently base their fees on the volume of data being stored as well as the volume of I/O being produced. The likelihood that you will need to do restoration from the cloud is reduced when you use the cloud as a secondary storage tier, which lowers the amount of cloud I/O.

Choose your cloud provider wisely

Your backup infrastructure's cloud provider will have a big influence on your prices. Therefore, it's imperative that you pick a supplier who possesses the qualities listed below:

  • A good and solid reputation
  • Experience in your industry
  • A clean track record of delivering on their promises
  • Offers a complete, well-rounded cloud solution.

Clean up backups for your deleted resources

Check if you still need to keep the backups for resources that you are backing up if they are no longer in existence. You may reduce your backup expenses by getting rid of unused backups.

Deduplicate data at the source

Deduplicating data before sending it to the cloud is another option to cut costs. By doing this, you may reduce the quantity of data you store in the cloud (lowering expenses) and speed up backup processes.

Using Ottomatik for Database Backup

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