Super Simple Backups

Secure your files and MySQL databases, backed up on your schedule, saved off site.

1,198,217 backups have been processed with Ottomatik.


MySQL Backup & Restore

The MySQL Backup & Restore features allow you to create a routine full backup of your MySQL database on a schedule of your choice with a myriad of options governing how to conduct the backup. If you have a very active website the zero-downtime features may be of interest. If you are running replication or binlog backups you may want to flush logs with each backup. However you need to backup your database Ottomatik’s mysqldump backups can handle it.


MySQL Binlog Backup

The MySQL binlogs keep a record of all statements that made any changes to your database in the order they occurred. By backing up your binlogs you can recover and / or undo individual statements which have happened after your last full mysqldump backup.

With the Ottomatik MySQL Binlog Backup a dedicated remote container will be created and connect to your server and monitor the binlogs. Any changes to your database will be replicated in real time to the remote container. The replicated log files will then be uploaded to the Archive Location at an interval you configure.


MySQL Binlog Recovery

Ottomatik’s Binlog Recovery allows you to recover a database from your binlog backups in several ways. A statement omission recovery allows you to search and sort the statements from the binlogs you selected. You can flag any statements you'd like to omit from the patch you would like to replay on your database.

Alternatively you may choose a Point In Time recovery with granularity up to the second or a Log Position recovery. Like statement omission with these options you can have full visibility into the statements that are associated with a particular time or log position.


File & Directory Backups

A core component of backup operations is often simply backing up files and directories, however sometimes this simple operation can become quite complex with rules around certain files you want to back up and others you don't. Ottomatik’s File & Directory backup features provide some simple capabilities for paths that should included and excluded but they can be used in powerful ways. Whether you specify full path names or use complex pattern matching functions this feature should fit your needs with a simple and usable interface.


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