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Backing Up MySQL Databases and Files Has Never Been So Easy

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Cloud Storage

Store backups on our hosted storage platform or bring your own Amazon S3 account.

Flexible Scheduling

Run recurring jobs on a schedule that you define, with a clear picture of what's next and what's been finished.

Secure foundation

Sensitive data encrypted at rest, Public Key Authentication, SSL encrypted network communications.


Add unlimited servers to your account. Operations are conducted over the battle tested SSH protocol.

Searchable History

Simple yet powerful search capability to find the particular job history you're looking for.

Team Management

Create individual logins for each member of your team with role-based permissions.


Get real-time and summary notifications for successful and failed jobs, configurable to your preference.


Integrate with your existing systems by adding webhooks to post job status.


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What people are saying

Ottomatik just works. Simple file and database back-ups without the fuss.

Taylor OtwellFounder of Laravel, Forge, Envoyer, Spark, and more.

Ottomatik is effortless and I had my first backup in just a few minutes. Enter your credentials, set a schedule, and done.

Eric BarnesFounder, Laravel News.

There is no simpler method to automate backups for your apps.

Matt StaufferPartner and Technical Director
Tighten Co.

If you're looking for a slick and easy mysql backup solution, check out @ottomatikapp . Point, click, sleep at night :)

Kyle FergusonSoftware and DevOps Engineer

If you're not using @ottomatikapp you should be. Backing up databases has legit never been so easy.

Job BrownWeb Team Leader

Two tabs in Sequel Pro: Local & Production. I deleted production. I setup 15-minute backups two days prior. Thank you @ottomatikapp!

Jordan PittmanDesigner, Developer

The day after we setup Ottomatik, one of our production tables was truncated on accident. Ottomatik allowed us to recover the data in literally seconds, as if nothing had ever happened. Thanks for a great product!!

Casey SpragueChief Technology Officer