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MySQL Backup Parachute

  • A suite of MySQL backups for disaster recovery
  • Add a server and create backups in under 2 minutes
  • Restore to a different server or DB in under 1 minute
  • Creates hourly, daily, weekly and monthly backups


MySQL Backup & Restore

  • Scheduled full backup of your MySQL database
  • Zero-Downtime features for active sites
  • Stream backup files directly to Amazon S3
  • Backup procedures, functions, triggers and events


File & Directory Backups

  • Streaming uploads direct to Amazon S3
  • Complex regex pattern matching ability
    • /var/www/*/public_html/logs/*.log
  • Include & Exclude files and directories from backups


MySQL Binlog Backup

  • Real-time MySQL transaction log backup
  • Backup data that has changed between full backups
  • Undo destructive DROP or DELETE statements


MySQL Binlog Recovery

  • Omit individual SQL Statements from a recovery operation
  • Fulltext search for relevant SQL Statements during recovery
  • Point In Time recovery with granularity up to 1 second
  • Log Position recovery for advanced use cases


Secure your data now
FREE 14 day trial, no credit card required

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