Super Simple Backups

Secure your files and MySQL databases, backed up on your schedule, saved off site.


Back up your data

Back up your important information on a schedule and ondemand. Currently supporting: MySQL Dump and File Backups

Archive to Your storage

Store backups on our hosted storage platform or bring your own Amazon S3 account.

Flexible Scheduling

Run recurring jobs on a schedule that you define, with a clear picture of what's next and what's been finished.

Searchable History

Simple yet powerful search capability to find the particular job history you're looking for.

Secure foundation

Sensitive data encrypted at rest, Public Key Authentication, SSL encrypted network communications.

Team Management

Create individual logins for each member of your team with role-based permissions.




billed monthly

10 Backup Jobs

1.00 GB Storage included

Bring your own S3 for unlimited storage

Get started with:

MySQL Dump

File Backups

3 retained backups

Daily schedule in 4 hr blocks

1 User

Real time notifications



billed monthly

20 Backup Jobs

5.00 GB Storage included

Bring your own S3 for unlimited storage

Includes LITE features and:

Unlimited retained backups

Hourly schedule on the 1/4 hour

Unlimited Users

Summary notifications

On-Demand Backups



billed monthly

50 Backup Jobs

10.00 GB Storage included

Bring your own S3 for unlimited storage

Includes STANDARD features and:

Hourly schedule, 5 min increments

MySQL Dump zero downtime options

Backup file upload streaming

Webhook Integration

MySQL Dump "All Databases"

MySQL Dump Restore



billed monthly

100 Backup Jobs

15.00 GB Storage included

Bring your own S3 for unlimited storage

Includes ADVANCED features and:

S3 Reduced Redundancy support

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Frequent Questions

How do I get started?

1) Sign up for Ottomatik.
2) Choose our 1-click file hosting or bring your own
3) Install the Ottomatik SSH key on your server.
4) Configure and schedule a backup.

How does it work?

You configure the parameters of your backup and the schedule, then Ottomatik will conduct the backup and upload the resulting file to your Cloud Storage provider (i.e. Amazon S3). When executing the backup, our servers send yours the commands to run in real time.

What is a "Backup Job"?

A "Backup Job" is the backup process that you configure and set on a schedule. A single Backup Job could have an infinite number of occurrences (times it has been run).

What is a "retained backup" or "backup retention"?

When defining a Backup Job that produces a resulting backup file, you can define how many copies of that file you want to keep available on your Cloud Storage provider. This is the number of retained backups. Our Starter subscription level allows for 3 retained backups per Backup Job, with up to 10 Backup Jobs. The Regular and Plus subscription levels have unlimited retained backups.

What gets installed on my server?

Our command execution system is built on top of the industry standard OpenSSH. Backups are executed as a series of bash shell commands over the SSH connection. Python >= 2.6.5, Python PIP >= 8.1.2 and PIP packages awscli, certifi, and colorama will be installed if not already present at a sufficient version.

Is there an on-premise option?

If you are interested in an on-premise installation of Ottomatik, please contact with the details of your needs and infrastructure. Based on this information, we can evaluate whether an on-premise installation is a good fit and provide a customized quote with installation, support and SLA details specifically for your business.

What Operating Systems are supported?

  • Amazon Linux 2012.09
  • CentOS 5/6/7
  • Debian 6/7/8
  • Fedora 17/18/20/21/22
  • Linux Mint 13/14
  • Oracle Linux 5/5
  • Red Hat 5/6
  • Red Hat Enterprise 5/6
  • Scientific Linux 5/6
  • Ubuntu 10/11/12/13/14/15/16