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Automated PostgreSQL Backups

Ottomatik doesn't require any hardcore technical knowledge and gives you full control. Just select your storage location, run the one-line install command on your server, confirm auto-detected settings for database credentials and backup jobs and you’re done.

Sensible defaults are used to save time on configuration when creating backups. You can edit them individually if you'd like, or leave as default and change at a later time.

When it comes to storing your backups, you can choose from our private server, Amazon S3, Google Drive or Dropbox. We offer compression-enabled backups that will save space as well as speed up data transfer times during backup and restore.
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Painless Server Configuration

The installation script automatically installs your SSH Key, software dependencies, detects your user, IP address, SSH port and home directory, then verifies the SSH connection from our servers.

For advanced users who prefer to manually specify server information and not use the script, we support that workflow as well.

Disaster Recovery in 1 Minute

Should you need to access a backup database, the recovery process is quick and easy. You can select the backup you want to restore and the server and database name you'd like to restore to.

You can even restore to a different server on your account or to a database that doesn't currently exist. This makes it extremely simple to test previous backups, or to migrate your data from one server to another - especially important if your primary server is damaged or offline.
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Completely Automated

Ottomatik is a completely automated PostgreSQL backup utility that provides a seamless process of backing up databases directly from database servers to storage servers with no manual intervention needed. Data undergoes automatic compression before being uploaded to a storage server of choice, ensuring protection against data loss, which can be done repeatedly, seamlessly and reliably without any manual intervention on your part.

All-in-One PostgreSQL Backup Tool

Ottomatik is designed to be as simple as possible so there’s no need for continuous monitoring. Set it up once and you are done. Ottomatik will automatically run backups at regular intervals and store them securely in an offsite location that you specify, allowing you to recover your data quickly in the event of any unforeseen disaster.

It has been designed with all the primary functions needed for robust database management. The setup is uncomplicated, the system automated and needs no monitoring. Set it, forget it and know that it will always be there if and when needed.
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“Ottomatik is effortless and I had my first backup in just a few minutes. Enter your credentials, set a schedule, and done.”

Eric Barnes
Founder of Laravel News

“I genuinely had nightmares about my business's database blowing up. We’ve all read horror stories about a new hire accidentally hitting the delete key without a working backup in sight. With this in mind, I can’t tell you how much of a relief it is that Ottomatik automatically backs up my database multiple times a day."

Jeffrey Way
Founder of Laracasts

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