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Hear what our clients say

Ottomatik just works. Simple file and database back-ups without the fuss.”

Taylor Otwell
Founder, Laravel

“I genuinely had nightmares about my business's database blowing up. We’ve all read horror stories about a new hire accidentally hitting the delete key without a working backup in sight. With this in mind, I can’t tell you how much of a relief it is that Ottomatik automatically backs up my database multiple times a day."

Jeffrey Way
Founder, Laracasts

"Good value for money"

Scheduled backups is the most important things for us and this is well provided by Ottomatik.

Simplicity in use and in presentation. Gui shows the neccessarry things.

Trey H.
DevOps Engineer

"Easy to setup and scale backups for your SaaS platform"

Overall very pleased. We run a large payments platform, and database backups are critical for our customers to ensure that we don't lose data.

It's also important to have a working database backup solution that we don't need to configure once it's been set.

‍It was extremely easy to setup and get going. I was able to get offsite backups working within 20 minutes!

Bronson K.

"Simple, Easy, & Reliable"

Tons of options but easy to set up. The UI is easy to use. Overall it's reliable and scheduled jobs always run

Paul G.
Software Engineer

"Customer service like no other"

I had an issue and customer service helped. They said they would double check on it the next day... And they actually did! Imagine that. Customer service that actually cares.

It was easy to setup and configure. I was backed up within the hour.

Andrew K.

"Great product, even better customer service"

It's nice to know that I can trust that all of my client's websites are being backed up every day and will be easy bring back up if there's an issue. Complete peace of mind!

Dennis R.
Owner, Agency

"Amazing Amazing Amazing"

It is super easy to use, and it saves me a lot of valuable time...

Highly recommended.

Fred S.

"The best"

Ottomatik has made backups not only easy, but enjoyable! I would recommend this to anyone.

Jonathan A.

“Ottomatik is effortless and I had my first backup in just a few minutes. Enter your credentials, set a schedule, and done.”

Eric Barnes
Founder, Laravel News

"Must have backup solution"

The features and the support are unmatched. They're super fast whenever I need anything too which I love.

Doug W.
Full Stack Developer

"Excellent set-it-and-forget-it backup service"

I'm using it to take nightly snapshots of my data-intensive project to make updating my local environment with production data as quick and easy as possible. Doing all this stuff manually isn't difficult, but it is tedious and time-consuming so I greatly appreciate how streamlined and simple Ottomatik has made the process.

Ben L.

"simple and efficient backups"

The product is well designed, easy to use and contains all the necessary features needed when dealing with backups.

The customer support is awesome, super friendly and most of all they were really quick at answering our questions.

I highly recommend Ottomatik to anyone looking for a backup solution.

Carl C.
Full Stack Developer

"It just works! Setup once and forget!"

Great products, really appreciate the free trial, very useful.

One time configuration, never have to worry about it again.

Tiffany M.
DevOps Engineer

"Just do it"

The ease of use, customer service, and adaptability of the solution set it apart from the crowd.

Bradly F.

"Great backup solution"

We needed a solution to backup our fast-growing internal web applications on our S3 storage. Ottomatik has been a great fit so far and we're really happy with their service. Onboarding was great and our backups are now fully automated.

Works great. The team is responsive and helped us get started. All our backups are now scheduled and running fine. Storage replication is a great addition to our backup strategy as well.

Kate L.

"Game Changing - Simple & Effective"

Backups are now simple, and one-click away from the automation. The peace of mind is priceless.

David R.
DevOps Engineer

"Love it"

Really great customer service. Easy to use, very intuitive and couldn't recommend it more.

Jordan B.
Program Manager

What Does Ottomatik Do?

We take backups off your to-do list.

Absolute Database Insurance

Protection against anything that can go wrong. Data center fires, accidental bad database queries, malicious hackers & more.

Your Giant Ctrl+Z

We get it. Accidental drop queries happen. It takes just 2 minutes to undo your mistakes and restore your database whenever you need.

A Digital Butler For Your Data

Focus on building your software and let us worry about your information storage through automated database backups.

Focus on building amazing things. We got your backups covered.

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