Step By Step Guide To MySQL Download And Setup For Windows

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Our guide to MySQL download outlines the downloading and installation processes for both MySQL free download and MySQL 5.7 download for windows PC’s. In this post, our focus will be on the community edition which is the free version and not the paid enterprise edition.

You can find the download link here.

Here is the direct link for Windows users.

You have the option to download the web installer 30mb or the complete installer 300mb.

MySQL Download

Step 1: Download the mysql-installer-community- file.

Step 2: Unzip the file into a new folder with the name of your choice.

Step 3: You have the option of moving the data folder to a different drive or partition for the purposes of making it easier to back up and re-install the file again should the need arise.

Step 4: Create a configuration file such as ‘my.ini’ and save into the ‘mysql’ folder.

Step 5: Test your installation by executing ‘c:mysqlbinmysqld.ex’. Open a command box (Start > Run > cmd) and enter the following commands:

cd mysqlbin

Step 6: Connect to a database by typing the below command:

cd mysqlbin
mysql -u root

Step 7: Change the root password for the MySQL root user is an extremely powerful account that can create and destroy databases.

Additional Types of MySQL downloads

MySQL free download

MySQL community edition consists of free to downloaded versions of MySQL which are open source. It is supported by a thriving and active community of open source developers and well-wishers.

Click on the hyperlink  to access the MySQL open-source file downloads.

Alternative MySQL versions

MariaDB has a Windows version as well for users.

Click on the following hyperlink to access MySQL 5.7 file download.

Final thoughts

MySQL downloads consist of both free, open-source and proprietary, the premium charged versions of MySQL. Each of these versions provides opportunities for anyone wishing to learn and develop a database to do so in a cost-effective manner.

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