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Automate your backups in 2 minutes. Sleep easy knowing your critical information is safe. You deserve it.
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Trusted by 2,000+ developers, agencies, and startups

What Does Ottomatik Do?

Take backups off your to-do list.

Database Insurance

Protection against anything that can go wrong. Data center fires, accidental bad database queries, malicious hackers & more.

A Giant Ctrl+Z

We get it. Accidental drop queries happen. It takes just 2 minutes to undo your mistakes and restore your database whenever you need.

Your Digital Butler

Focus on building your software and let us worry about your information storage through automated database backups.

Agencies, Developers & Startups Love Us

We transform backups from something you want to use, not something you are forced to deal.

“Ottomatik just works. Simple file and database back-ups without the fuss.”

Taylor Otwell
Founder of Laravel

“Ottomatik is effortless and I had my first backup in just a few minutes. Enter your credentials, set a schedule, and done.”

Eric Barnes
Founder of Laravel News

“I genuinely had nightmares about my business's database blowing up. We’ve all read horror stories about a new hire accidentally hitting the delete key without a working backup in sight. With this in mind, I can’t tell you how much of a relief it is that Ottomatik automatically backs up my database multiple times a day."

Jeffrey Way
Founder of Laracasts

Your Database Nightmares, Put to Bed

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Database Backups Have Never Been Easier


Select What to Backup

Connect your server and select your backup type: snapshots, database (MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB) or files.

Select Your Storage

Connect your provider's account, use our Ottomatik storage or store backups locally.

Schedule & Relax

Choose when backups have to run and we'll take care of the rest.
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Immediate Database Insurance In 2 Minutes

Save time with an easy setup that involves copy + pasting a command line installation to get setup in under 2 minutes.

Flexible 24/7 Database Protection

Configure your backup process hourly, daily, weekly and monthly backups, stored securely in the cloud.
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Quick Recovery to Mitigate Disasters

No more stress from data loss. A 1-click recovery process to download your backup from the database server gets you up and running in no time.

Simple Cost Structure

Integrate your own storage servers (Amazon S3, Dropbox, Drive, etc), where we will store your backup files, or use our database servers for a small fee.
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Trusted by Thousands

Thousands of developers and businesses trust the Ottomatik backup solution for their data protection every hour of every day.


All your projects deserve to be backed up.

Cloud Storage

Store backups on our hoster storage platform or bring your own Amazon S3 account.

Flexible Scheduling

Run recurring jobs on a schedule that you define, with a clear picture of what’s next and what’s been finished.

Secure Foundation

Sensitive data encrypted at rest, Public Key Authentication, SSL encrypted network communications.


Add unlimited servers to your account. Operations are conducted over the battle tested SSH protocol.

Searchable History

Simple yet powerful search capability to find the particular job history you’re looking for.

Team Management

Create individual logins for each member of your team with role-based permissions.


Get real-time and summary notifications for successful and failed jobs, configurable to your preference.


Integrate with your existing systems by adding webhooks to post job status


Anyone can earn cold, hard cash throuh out referral program. Each account has a unique referral link

We Have You Covered

Supported Databases
MySQL Binlogs
Supported Storages
Amazon S3
S3 Compatible Storage
Google Drive
Supports OS's
Amazon Linux
Linux Mint
Oracle Linux
Red Hat
Red Hat Enterprise
Scientific Linux
Let's get you backed up
14 Day Free Trial • Cancel Anytime • No Credit Card Required

Frequently Asked Questions.

If you have any further questions, Get in touch with our friendly team
How do I get started?

You can start by signing up for a free trial. Our software will then guide you to connect your database server, set up storage, install the Ottomatik SSH key and configure your backup schedule. It is that simple.

How does it work?

You configure the parameters of your backup and the schedule, then Ottomatik will conduct the backup and upload the resulting file to your Cloud Storage provider (eg: Amazon S3). When executing the backup, our server sends your server the commands to run in real time.

How can I restore my database backup?

You’ll be able to restore your database to your server with just one click. You can even restore your database to different server (eg. a development or staging server).

How do I know if I can trust Ottomatik?

We have very strict policies that ensure your data is never exposed to anyone on our team. All of the data is also encrypted at rest, so our engineers do not have access to your servers or data.

Do I have to use my server to perform backups?

You’ll be able to restore your database to your server with just one click. You can even restore your database to different server (eg. a development or staging server).

What gets installed on my server?

Our command execution system is built on top of the industry standard OpenSSH. Backups are executed as a series of bash shell commands over the SSH connection. Python >= 2.6.5, Python PIP >= 8.1.2 and PIP packages awscli, certifi, and colorama will be installed if not already present at a sufficient version.

What storage options are available?

You can use your own cloud based storage provider or use our servers for data storage. We support Ottomatik Hosted Storage, Amazon S3, Google Drive, Backblaze and Dropbox. If you bring your own storage, there is no limit on the usage.

How much does Ottomatik cost?

We offer a 14-day free trial and have monthly plans starting which you can see on our pricing page here.

Can I cancel my plan any time?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription plan at any time before your next billing cycle.

How do I reach Ottomatik if I have a question?

Our tech support team is ready to help you with any queries you may have. Just email us at and we will get back to you with an answer as soon as possible.

Focus on building amazing things. We got your backups covered.

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14 Day Free Trial • Cancel Anytime • No Credit Card Required