MySQL Binlog Backup & Recovery

Real-time backup, allowing you to re-write the history of your database.

MySQL Binlog Backup

Ottomatik MySQL Binlog Backups allow you to backup the MySQL Binlogs (a.k.a "Binary Logs" or "Transaction Logs") in real time and upload them to your Amazon S3 archive.

The binlogs keep a record of all statements that made any changes to your database in the order they occurred. This is an important difference from a mysqldump backup, which represents a full "Logical Backup" of your database structure and content at the time of the backup. Binlog backups allow you to recover and / or undo individual statements which have happened after your last full mysqldump backup.

A MySQL Binlog Backup Job will configure an dedicated remote container that will connect to your server and monitor the binlogs. Any changes to your database will be replicated in real time to the remote container. The replicated log files will then be uploaded to the Archive Location at an interval you configure.

MySQL Binlog Recovery

Multiple Recovery Options

Statement omission recovery

A statement omission recovery allows you to search and sort the statements from the binlogs you selected. You can flag any statements you'd like to omit from the patch you would like to replay on your database.

This type of recovery is incredibly helpful if a destructive statement, such as a DROP or DELETE, was ran on your database either by accident, through an application bug, or perhaps malicious intent.

This recovery method will create a patch containing all statements in the binlogs you selected, minus any statements you selected for omission.

Point In Time recovery

In some situations you may want to execute a recovery up to a certain time and disregard any statements after that. Perhaps that time is associated with the occurrence of a critical event etc. Ottomatik allows you to execute a Point In Time recovery with granularity up to the second. Additionally you can have full visibility into the statements that are associated with that particular time.

Binlog position recovery

The internals of MySQL’s binary logging system keeps track of statements in a log with a "log position". Each statement has a distinct and unique start and end position. There are some advanced use-cases, often involving database replication, where you may know a particular binlog position you'd want to restore to. This functionality is similar to a Point In Time recovery, and only takes a couple clicks.

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